Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Professionals

Navigating healthcare leaders to success

Healthcare workers are always taking care of others. When you put your team first, nurture their unique talents, and expand on valuable leadership skills, you are taking care of them. 

healthcare coaching and leadership

Extensive experience in healthcare coaching and leadership development

The Edmunds Group has consistently coached C-suite, physician, and academic leaders individually to expand and fortify their impact, enhance their self-awareness, and maximize productivity. In addition, EGI has broad experience working with healthcare senior leadership teams, department chairs, and functional area heads to align and integrate their roles, build greater collaboration and cooperation, and enhance communication across their institutions.

We have expertise working with intact teams in departments and academic divisions to shift mindsets and behaviors resulting in greater team interdependence, clearer goals, and stronger mutual accountability.

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Healthcare today requires a new breed of leaders

A dramatic change in the industry requires greater self-awareness, clarity of values, understanding of cultural and organizational drivers, and a leadership mindset.

It requires leaders who are not only skillful, compassionate, and excellent with patient care; but also those who are committed to leading themselves, teams, and systems. Achieving these levels of awareness doesn't come naturally to many physicians, but they can be learned.

A shift to value-oriented and performance-driven healthcare requires new mindsets and new ways of working for physicians and administrators. The Edmunds Group can help you modify and adjust your skills, leadership effectiveness, and mindsets to thrive in this dynamically changing time.

Trusted to accelerate change 

Executives, leadership teams, and organizations in the healthcare industry, consumer packaged goods industry, banking industry, and more have trusted The Edmunds Group to create and influence high performance.

"The Edmunds Group brings an experienced cognizance delving into a person's character. Making one feel comfortable exploring areas of opportunity, strengthening weaknesses, and smoothing rough edges. Becky polishes the appearance with probing questions that will help define the best in a leader. She has changed my professional life."

Trauma Surgeon

"The Edmunds Group helped me during a critical transition time in my professional development. Becky's approach to professional coaching is thorough and client-specific. Her insights and years of experience helped in my personal and professional growth. On a personal note, Becky’s warm personality and empathetic spirit encourage transparency, vulnerability, and sharing. I recommend her coaching services without hesitation or reproach."


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