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Executive Coaching

Empowering the leader that lies within you

The Edmunds Group creates professional partnerships that support the achievement of extraordinary results for individual leaders.

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What is executive coaching?

Our coaching is based on goals set by the individual with input from his or her manager. Through coaching, individuals focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce relevant results.

Coaching accelerates the individual's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities leading to enhanced performance. The coaching process concentrates on taking individuals from their current state of awareness and performance to an ideal state that aligns with business strategy to maximize results.

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Professional coaching provides a clear path to success

The Edmunds Group has developed a distinct coaching approach that helps guide you to a greater level of self-awareness and self-management.

Consistent results create benefits that are amplified beyond the individual.

Who needs leadership coaching?

Coaching is effective for individuals who are considered high-potential and who are working to develop and refine their leadership skills. Coaching for these individuals results in the completion of a specific, goal-oriented development plan.

Coaching is also effective for individuals who are valued by the organization but are exhibiting behaviors that are negatively impacting performance. Coaching programs are either developmental or intervention. Developmental coaching assists in skills and insight building and leveraging your potential. Intervention coaching results in closing gaps and refining performance to enhance effectiveness.

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Individual Benefits

  • New perspectives on challenges and opportunities
  • Enhanced thinking and decision making skills
  • Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness and greater self-awareness
  • Increased confidence in achieving personal and professional goals
  • Enhanced overall performance on the job

Organizational Benefits

  • Gains in corporate performance
  • Increased leadership effectiveness
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Increased retention

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Trusted to accelerate change 

Executives, leadership teams, and organizations in the healthcare industry, consumer packaged goods industry, banking industry, and more have trusted The Edmunds Group to create and influence high performance.

"The Edmunds Group stepped into the business at a time of a lot of moving pieces and helped the team understand much more about our dynamic, what makes us tick, where are strengths are, where we were off balance and how we can operate much better. Becky earned a tremendous amount of respect from the team. From my perspective, Becky brings an uncanny ability to "see" people and help them operate better. She also brings some very strong tools such as The Leadership Circle among many others. The work Becky did with us as a group and as individuals was important and effective. We learned much more about our balance and gaps and began to work more effectively."



"Our department has utilized and valued the coaching and career development services offered by The Edmunds Group for many years. Becky has served as an executive coach and mentor to most of our senior leaders. Her expertise and knowledge of career development resources and her unique coaching/counseling style increased the effective communication and management skills within our leadership team. Becky coaches in a style that both engages and encourages even difficult changes. She is able to connect in a non-threatening way with all types of leaders."

Department Chair

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