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Emerging Talent Development

Mold your organization's next leaders

An organization cannot perform at a higher level than its collective leadership effectiveness. Continued development and enhancement of skills and mindsets are essential to remain competitive and respond to an ever-changing environment.

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How do you help your high potential talent flourish?

The development of emerging talent in an organization requires a focus on:

  • Alignment of developmental programs with business strategy
  • Greater and continuous evolution of self-awareness of individuals as future leaders
  • Identification and modeling of the values, behaviors, and culture needed to drive the business
  • Opportunities for cross-functional engagement and assignments to promote broader learning
  • Development of learning cohorts, common experiences, and common language that becomes a code for success

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Emerging talent or high-potential employees share 3 key characteristics.

These individuals have the ability, aspiration, and engagement to rise to and succeed in more senior, critical positions.

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